Tungt värre

Bara en kort uppdatering för att berätta att bandet "Det Tunga Artilleriet" har varit igång och repat igen sen i höstas. Förhoppningsvis sätter vi snart igång och spelar in nytt material, men tills dess finns det ett par smakprov på vår officiella Facebooksida (notera att detta är repinspelningar så kvalitén är därefter).

Jag vill härmed även passa på att berätta att den här sidan förhoppningsvis snart ska sjuda av nytt liv igen.

English translation:

Just a quick note to let you know that the band "Det Tunga Artilleriet" is back rehearsing again since autumn last year. Hopefully we will be recording new songs soon enough. In the meantime there are a couple of songs recorded at rehearsals that you can listen to if you go to our official Facebook site.

Also I would like to take the opportunity to mention that this site hopefully will be on the rebound in the near future.

In och gilla Det Tunga Artilleriet / Like us  HERE!

PS. Gamla inspelningar finns under "Sounds" på den här sajten. You will find old recordings in the Sounds section on this site (note that we sing entirely in Scanian). 


Urban Exploration: Where the dinosaurs once roamed

As promised here comes the pictures and the story on Vikingaland (Land of Vikings) in Skånes Fagerhult, Scania, but as a little extra bonus the same on Dinoland in Nyvång, Scania and Skräcködlornas Dal (roughly translated The Valley of the Abominable Dinosaurs) in Kongaö, Scania.

Basically I promised the kids some adventure the past Summer, took them to the place where Dinoland once were, only to find out that the dinosaurs quite recently had been bought by a paintball community and shipped away from there. The search for the old dinosaurs of Scania therefore had to go on and thankfully a couple of them were still left in Vikingaland in Skånes Fagerhult. Later on I finally made it to Skräcködlornas Dal in Kongaö as well.

I´ll try to keep it brief, but here goes. Skräcködlornas Dal was first, I think. It was back in the seventies and in the middle of nowhere a man called Börje O. came up with the idea of setting up a kind of adventure park of sorts consisting of models of various dinosaurs. It was a very popular site at first but soon I guess people sought there thrills elsewhere. It basically was situated in the woods in the middle of nowhere.

The founder of Skräcködlornas Dal, as I´ve gathered from my visit there, kept living there even after the visitors stopped coming. Sadly enough it seems as if he lived there up until his passing away, which I believe occured somewhere in the late nineties. After his death the place was left there with most of his belongings still there. So it´s really sad, not least how the house and premises has been completely looted and demolished. But I think he led a good life, based on a couple of letters and post cards that´s still there, one still sitting posted on the walls for his 70th birthday in 1994. I suppose he was a loner who liked being there for himself in the woods. If you go there (but it´s pretty hard to find) you should be aware there´s a lot of wild boars in the area, so I guess you should tread there extra carefully.

At about the same time The Andersson´s built the similar Vikingaland in Skånes Fagerhult. Busloads of Danes kept coming there, mostly for the dinosaurs but also for the trampolines and swan shaped boats, and the place, as well as the small town of Skånes Fagerhult, flourished. Perhaps it was the era of computer games or perhaps it was the home video enterntainment, how should I know, but soon people stopped coming there as well. Today the location has been remodeled and should not be considered an abandoned place anymore, rather a place for recreation. Two of the old dinosaurs remain and stand there today as a remainder of what once were a great kingdom of dinosaurs. The others were shipped to Dinoland in the nineties.

Because when the movie Jurassic Park hit the theatres in 1993 there was a revolution of dinosaurs once again. A man called Kjellerik N. built a modernized amusement park and placed mainly the dinosaurs from Vikingaland here and there at the foot of the old mountain of ashes in Nyvång, not far from Helsingborg. As I´ve gathered the place even survived the turn of the Millennia, before it was forced to be shut down. There´s another kind of buisiness on the grounds today, which shoud be respected. None of dinosaurs are left, but there´s still a lot of miniature buildings and other stuff. Also the top of the mountain of ashes has an amazing view over the surrounding landscape. 

Again I´ve worked on the pictures in Adobe Photoshop, some more and some less. Some I´ve done almost nothing to, but others I´ve changed dramatically often "damaging" them deliberatley. I´m somehow looking to get the same feel for the pictures, as for the pictures from when myself was young in the Eighties (back then you didn´t have the opportunity of taking several pictures of the same object, you basically had only one shot at getting the picture and therefore even the out of focus or overexposed pictures took place in the family album) . It´s not in all the pictures but in some. The reason for me not trying to make them look beautiful as such, but worn and shreaded, is that I want them to speak of the time that has passed, as well as to capture both the beauty in the worn and forgotten things and the horror that through time has enclosed the remains. I kind of would like you to look at the pictures as if you´re always at the risk of something bad happening if you don´t beware, but at the same time understand that there´s a lot of sadeness in them also.

Also notice that I´ve been to Skräcködlornas Dal on various occasions and that some of the pictures were shot with the camera of a smart phone.

If you want to read more about the old dinosaurs in Scania I recommend these links (all in Swedish):


Urban Exploration: Skånes Fagerhult, Scania

As I always say: You haven´t seen the world until you´ve been to Skånes Fagerhult, Scania. Sure I might never actually say that. In fact I´ve never uttered those words until just now, but one can´t stray away from the fact that if you´re looking for abandoned places Skånes Fagerhult is as good as any place to start doing so.

I used to be a lot into Urban Exploration in my youth and lately I´ve started to re-acquaint myself with the crumbles of mankind once again. In the case of Skånes Fagerhult it used to be "famous" for its theme park consisting of mainly dinosaurs (check in on a later date for more, including pictures, on the subject), I believe it was back in the seventies, and that you passed by the small town in the days before the motorway was built, not even a kilometer due east from there. When people stopped coming there firstly the theme park was closed down and later on the gas station as well.

But there´s more in Skånes Fagerhult, for instance the old candy shop just in the perimeter of where the old dinosaur park - Vikingaland (Land of Vikings) - used to be. There´s nothing quite like sweets that have been left behind for years upon years (the candy shop moved closer to the motorway a few years back, where it´s now situated in an old airplane). Why the place never was looted thoroughly by kids craving for candy, is beyond me.

When in Skånes Fagerhult you should also go have a look at the football ground Junexvallen, a quite run down sports park that, as far as you´re concerned, might have looked just about the same since the eighties. It´s well worth a visit, not least on the account of the old outdoor hockey rink (note that the football ground is still being used today and should be entered, as with all other places, with respect). Also if you go there in the Summer, the lake Fedingesjön is really nice to go for a swim in.

Note that the pictures are of a mixed quality. Some I´ve worked on in Adobe Photoshop, making some of them better and some of them look more worn and cloudy. Some I´ve even changed dramatically, while others have been kept just the way they are.

If you want to read more about Skånes Fagerhult I recommend these links (all in Swedish - the first one being written by yours truly):


I´m fully aware I´m using my full name when I publish these photos, but I assure you that I do nothing else but take pictures. The place is left excatly how it looked when I came there, and I often go to them with my family. I´ve got absolutely no interest in looting and tread the place carefully so that I don´t smash, nor destroy anything. Also I only go inside if there´s an open door or another kind of opening to the place, I never break and enter. It´s not like I´m the first one to enter the space either, and I wont be the last. The only difference is that I do it publicly.

If someone wants to make a thing out of it, so be it, but I hope you´ll somewhere understand the reasoning behind this, which is nothing but a fascination for the crumbles mankind leave behind whereever she goes. If i wasn´t so afraid of heights and flying I´d give even space and the moon a chance, because we leave crumbles everywhere. Also I always enter the places full of respect for what it once was and I always let my family know the background story.

But yes, I´m there for the crumbles. In the end it´s nothing more but pictures and as I mentioned I´m neither the first nor the last one to enter the premises. Once again I´m only there for the crumbles and to see it for my self. Hopefully you can appreciate the pictures even if it´s Your place.

As with all of my pictures, if you don´t like them write me an e-mail and I´ll remove them, although I´ll hope you´ll be all okey with them. Finally I´m sorry things didn´t turn out well for your etablishment, but the evolution of time is inevitable.



Waiting for Greef

The solo acoustic project Greef is sleeping soundly since 2010, but steps have been taken towards a comeback of sorts. In the meantime you can listen to the great cover version of the track "A New Rug for your Living-room floor" here to the left, played live by Emmanuel Hemmander and Joel Silva at a birthday party on the island of Gotland about two months ago. It's not often someone else is playing Greef, but when it's done it sure is some really good stuff. Enjoy!

You can listen to the original song HERE!


Website revamped

The website has been revamped. I've included sounds as well, and it's now possible to listen to almost every song I've ever recorded. I also re-arranged the images in order to include even more of them. Most importantly it should from now on be possible to enjoy the site no matter it be on your laptop, tablet or android phone; although you'll always get the best result on a big screen.

Hope you'll enjoy! And don't be shy to return!

Oh, and please let me know if you stumble upon anything that doesn´t seem to be quite alright. It´s quite possible that the site contains minor errors here and there.

Also, if you appear in any photos and don´t want to, please let me know by sending me an e-mail. Although I hope you´ll be okay with it, since the pictures I´ve decided to share are pictures I´m quite proud of in one way or another. I often seek to catch emotions, symbolism and that particular moment in my imagery, and this is something that doesn´t occur way too often, I´m afraid to say. That´s why the pictures I´ve finally chosen to include matters dearly to me. Again, I hope you´ll be alright with it!