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Greef (Revived)

What: Americana/Folk/Alternative

Years Active: REVIVED - AS OF 2019 (Landskrona)

Members: Mikael Öhrn (Vocals & Guitars) & Andreas Wennborg (Guitars, Bass & Backing Vocals).

Dead Man (Unofficial video):

Press play for Spare-time 2007 (large file):

For more of the old recordings of Greef, as well as other stuff, simply scroll down the page. 

Dead Man (Live unplugged):

Angel (Live unplugged):

Also be sure to check out the official website:

New songs will be added in due time.

Det Tunga Artilleriet

What: Alternativa indievisor och shoegazing på skånska (Alt. Rock/Folk/Shoegazing in Scanian)

Years Active: STILL ACTIVE TODAY (Landskrona) 

Members: Mikael Öhrn (Vocals & Guitars), Roman Malofejev (Bass) & Andreas Wennborg (Lead Guitars & Backing Vocals)

Other members: Mika Book (Drums & Bass), Pascal Poulsen (Drums) & Ludvig Hyrefelt (Session Bass)

Det är på gång (Unofficial video):

När ett hjärta brister på Högklint (Unofficial video):

Virrvarr av känslor (Unofficial video):

Enkel "livefilm" från giget på Mythos i Landskrona den 3 oktober 2020:

När änglarna som samlats ser sista färjan göra an Bäckviken (Live unplugged):

Bomben (Live unplugged):

Kvällen behöver väl aldrig ta slut (Live unplugged):

När ett hjärta brister på Högklint (Live unplugged):


We are still active. In och gilla oss/Like us:

Och glöm inte bort att kolla in vår officiella hemsida:

In the Doldrums

What: Doom/Goth Metal

Years Active: 2012-14 (Helsingborg/Landskrona)

Members: Mikael Öhrn (Vocals & Rhythm Guitars), Mika Book (Bass), Johan Lindberg (Lead & Rhythm Guitars), Pascal Poulsen (Drums & Keyboards)

Other members: Pontus Nilsson (Drums), Anders Stigert (Bass), Andreas Drachas (Bass), Lea Brooklyn (Keyboards)

Greef (Early Years)

What: Americana/Folk/Alternative

Years Active:  2005-10 (Kalmar/Helsingborg)

Members: Mikael Öhrn (Vocals, Acoustic & Lead Guitars)

Other members: Marcus Eriander (Lead Guitar)

Session musicians on A New Rug (2007): Simon Ström (Jembe), Markus Eriksson (Harmonica) & Patrik Forsberg (Lead Guitar)

A New Rug (Demo 2007):

Mirrors (Öhrn)

Spare-Time (Öhrn)

A New Rug for your Living-room Floor (Öhrn)

Away from the Sun (Öhrn)

Polk Salad Annie

What: Funk/Alt. Rock

Years Active: 2004-05 (Kalmar)

Members: Mikael Öhrn (Vocals), Oskar Lönn (Drums), Martin (Bass), Tommy (Guitars)


What: Singer & Songwriter/Alternative

Years Active: 2001-02 (Helsingborg)

Members: Mikael Öhrn (Vocals, Guitars & Keyboards), Nell (Vocals & Guitars), Tim Paulsson (Lead Guitars)


the Discovery (Instrumental) (Öhrn)

Time Always Runs Ahead (of You) (Öhrn)

Som Du (Öhrn)

Live videos (large files - please be patient):

Popcorn 2002, Helsingborg

Intro (Öhrn)

Känslor Som Jag Hela Tiden... (Öhrn/Paulsson)

Behållas (Öhrn)

Pir 16 in July 2001, Helsingborg

Har du Väntat Där Förgäves? (Öhrn)

A Night Lets Me Die (Öhrn)


What: Rock/Heavy rock

Years Active: 1999-2000 (Helsingborg)

Members: Mikael Öhrn (Vocals and Guitars), Andreas Ekström (Drums), Peter Olsson (Bass), Nell (Vocals and Guitars)

Other members: Peter Larsson (Bass)

Live videos (large files - please be patient):

Journies (Öhrn)

When There´s No Summer (Öhrn)

Zero (Öhrn)

Not sullen, the Poet

What: Doom/Goth Metal

Years Active: 1996-98 (Ekeby/Helsingborg)

Members: Mikael Öhrn (Vocals, Guitars & Keyboards), Kristoffer Granath (Drums), Tim Paulsson (Guitars), Tobias Jarl (Violin & Keyboards), Andreas Drachas (Bass), Nell (Vocals)

Other members: Olle Arnhult (Bass), Andreas Ekström (Drums), Christian Tullgren (Drums)

The Sullen One (Demo 1997):

Love, Murder me (Öhrn)

Enjoy the Wild and You may Flourish (Öhrn)

Alleviated Alacrity (Öhrn)

...Here ...Away (Öhrn)

Live videos (large files - please be patient):

Folkets Hus, Helsingborg, 1996

Your Solely Purpose (Öhrn)

Alleviated Alacrity (Growl Version)

More songs:

...Here ...Away ("strings arrangement")


...and then there have been some bands inbetween, before and after. However not all of them have had songs recorded. Below are a selection of early recordings, primarily from the mid-nineties, but  from the late nineties also. I´m aware much of it might not be any good, but I choose to share it anyway. All songs are written and performed by me, where otherwise is not noted. Also where band names or other musicians aren´t mentioned I play all the instruments.

Recollections IV

Epithany I

Epithany II

Indy takes a leap of Faith

Cecilia Lind (Cornelis Cover w. Rune and the Rampagers)

Troll Dusk

The Trolls bid adieu

The Troll´s Wake

The Sun is Rising

Come dawn the Trolls turn to stones

Ensam ska jag vara/Ensam ska jag vänta

The Invitation

Led Mig Hem (w. Realm Beyond I) (Asp/Öhrn)

Påföljande Lugn (w. Realm Beyond I) (Asp/Öhrn)

Night Symphony Part II (w. Olle Arnhult) (Öhrn/Arnhult)

Anguish (w. Realm Beyond II) (Rehearsal)

The Final Sunset

The Wait

The Wait´s Over

Scent of Tears

The Discovery 1996

Past Beyond the Endless Ends

The Space-Time Continuum

Black Rainbow

Funeral Feast II

Recollections V